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Get Your Candler Fill On The Go


iPhone Mobile SiteWhile I gear up to give you up to the minute coverage from Oklahoma City, I figured I would let you in on a little known feature of the candler blog. When you are out and about, you may find yourself in need of a little pop culture deconstruction with nary a laptop in sight. No fear, just pull out the ol’ cell phone and point to http://m.candlerblog.com and our full canon will come up. There is also a “secret” link at the bottom left hand corner of the site.

The demo still here is from an iPhone, but this should work on pretty much anything with a browser. Let us know in the comments if there are any problems. What’s that? You’d rather just check us in a feed reader? We’ve got you covered yet again. We’ve got RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds at your disposal. If that’s not enough, just ask and we’ll find a way to get you what you need.