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Wii U Brings HD, Augmented Reality to the Wii

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Fortunately, the new machine will output HD, so it’s a step up from the Wii’s capabilities — and judging from the videos and stills we’ve seen of the system’s graphics output so far, it’s a big step up.

There’s a new Wii, and that’s pretty awesome. But Nintendo’s new flagship console has been overshadowed by its 6 inch touchscreen controller. Personally, the last thing I need is another touchscreen thingamajig in my living room. This would never happen, but I really just wish I could use my iPad or iPhone as a Wii controller. No word on pricing yet; available “2012.”

Also a big shout out to the team at “This is my next…” Between sites my ass. They’ve become a killer resource in no time flat.