Duncan Jones Tweets Details of Source Code

Source Code Still

Yesterday, director Duncan Jones live-tweeted his most recent film, Source Code1, as it played on BBC’s Channel 4 in the UK. He answered viewer questions, divulged some of his technique and pointed to the true story one of the film’s characters is based on.

The whole stream is a fun (and spoiler-ridden) read. I’ve collected the whole thing in a Storify stream, but below you can find a selection of my favorite tidbits. Perhaps worth bookmarking for the next time you watch the film.

On Plato:

On Sam Beckett’s cameo:

Scott Bakula plays the voice of Colter’s father.


On the 8-minute time limit:

On Jeffrey Wright’s exposition:

On product placement:

On set design:

On making a fake train station and van:

On that villain:

The Radioactive Boy Scout2 is actually the name of a book by Ken Silverstein expanded from this 1998 article in Harper’s. It tells the story of David Hahn, an American Boy Scout who nearly build a homemade nuclear reactor when he was 17. The Nuclear Boy Scout is the TV documentary Jones is referring to. It aired on BBC’s Channel 4 in 2003 but is yet to air in the US.

That ain’t bullet time at the end:

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