Hulu Really Loves Ads

{% blockquote -Jason Kilar, CEO, Hulu Hulu Blog, January 15, 2012 %} The innovative Hulu advertising service continues to lead the online video advertising market, with the largest market share of a rapidly expanding market. We have now served over 1,000 brand advertisers in our company’s short history. We are relentless in our mission to be the most effective video advertising service on the planet, which we believe is a function of respecting users and empowering them with tools like Hulu Ad Swap and Hulu Ad Selector. {% endblockquote %}

I signed up for Hulu Plus this month to watch shows on my Roku LT and I have to tell you, I don’t feel like the company respects me as a user.

Other highlights include that revenue in 2011 was up 60% over 2010 to $420 million and Hulu Plus now has 1.5 million subscribers (see chart below). I can think of at least one way they can get more subscribers and, but they really love those friggin’ ads.

Hulu Plus Paid Subscriptions

(via The Verge.)