Besides writing about movies and tech (and whatever) here on the candler blog, I have a few other projects that I maintain or am involved with. For your enjoyment, here they are in one place.

Fountain – Fountain is a plain text screenwriting syntax. It’s simple, sync-able, future proof and free. Fountain has numerous parents, among which I’d be considered something of a second Uncle once-removed. Collaborating with the incredibly smart people behind Fountain has been one of my great joys of being “an Internet person.” Now shut-up. Go write a movie.

Fountain for Marked – Fountain for Marked allows you to view live previews of Fountain screenplays in Brett Terpstra’s Marked. Again, this project is the product of a lot of collaboration, chiefly with the mad scientist, Brett, Martin Vilcans and Stu Maschwitz. The CSS I authored for Fountain for Marked has also found a home in the iOS app Writing Kit.

Fountain for Sublime Text – Fountain for Sublime Text adds syntax highlighting to Sublime Text 2 for, you guessed it, Fountain. The package also comes with some helpful snippets. Using Sublime Text’s other powerful tools (like quick document navigation, search and auto-completion) you can turn the text editor into a robust screenwriting application. And, of course, it works great with Fountain for Marked.

OmniFocus Grocery Workflow – My workflow for buying groceries with The Omni Group’s excellent task management application, OmniFocus, includes a custom perspective, an AppleScript, a toolbar icon and detailed instructions. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually made my trips to the store more enjoyable (and faster).

PlainTasksOF – PlainTasksOF is a heavily customized fork of Allen Bargi’s excellent Sublime Text 2 plugin, PlainTasks. It is a plain text list making plugin that looks and works more like OmniFocus. It’s great for things that you don’t want cluttering up your todo app, like lists of films to watch or repetitive daily tasks. Check it out on GitHub.