Don't Blame the Advertisers

Rogue Amoeba Mascot

This tweet really bummed me out.

I disagree with Gruber often, but I would never hold his opinions against the advertisers that are featured on Daring Fireball. He’s not Rush Limbaugh. He didn’t say anything inflammatory that has far-reaching effects that will impact my life.

If we take Mule Radio Syndicate at their word, John approached them first. So why try to bleed an advertiser who likely had no knowledge of any such dealings.

Rogue Amoeba makes some truly excellent software. Piezo, the app that sponsored episode 1 of the new Talk Show, is a great, simple recording app that is gorgeous to look at. I’d recommend it in a heartbeat.

If listeners are upset with Gruber or Mule, they can vote with their ears, so to speak, and just not tune in. Then the advertisers will leave of their own volition, or not. It’s their call.

But boycotting makers of truly wonderful software over this? We can do better.