Getting Hitched

Seven years ago this week I visited Austin for the first time.

Four and a half years ago I moved here.

Two and a half years ago I met the woman of my dreams.

On Saturday, we got hitched.

There’s not much more to say, really. Our wedding was beautiful, and we’re both bursting with joy that we were able to share it with family and friends. I wanted to share it with you, the folks who read this site. It seems silly for me to go on writing here without mentioning such a major milestone.

I’m covering my eighth SXSW, which starts tomorrow. (Well, today, really.) My relationship with this festival is strange. Had it not been for this film fest in the heart of Texas, I don’t know that I would ever have had the courage to move here. Which means I may never have met my wife. I’m glad I did.

Anyway, time to load up on films. Look for my writing here and on Death and Taxes.

Oh and if you’ve been reading the candler blog for some time, you won’t be surprised by our guest book. Very happy we were able to make this happen.

The Guest Book

(Photos by Nicole Ryan Photography. Texas-sized Field Notes by Draplin Design Co. and Industry Print Shop.)